Pastor Beau & Renata Lee have had a love for Israel and the Jewish people since before they met. One of their main life-missions is to encourage the American Church to love and support Israel. They do this through fun, experiential trips to Israel so other believers in Jesus can experience their Jewish roots by immersing themselves in Old Testament and First Century context. Exploring numerous archaeological sites continues to give travelers literally rock solid evidence of the reliability of the Scriptures. The sights, sounds, and smells help travelers to imagine biblical stories coming to life right in front of them. Travelers leave with solid understanding of the Old Testament timeline including Abrahamic Covenant, prophesy leading up to the exiles, prophesies regarding the return of Israel, end-times prophesy, geography, and rich cultural experiences that aid in strong hermeneutical Bible study.

Pastor Beau Lee

Pastor Beau Lee serves as the President of Israel Bible Trips, and is the main Bible teacher on all tours. He is a gifted Bible teacher with a unique God-given ability to help students of the Bible understand confusing prophetic passages. He is a pro at weaving biblical themes and connecting the dots between Old and New Testaments. Time and time again, we’ll see how the Bible showcases God’s unending covenant and love for His chosen people, the Jewish people.

Pastor Beau is the Senior Pastor of Hope Hill Church, an exciting multi-ethnic church in Manhattan, NYC, and is the author of Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Salvation. Beau holds a BS in Organizational Leadership & Management from Regent University. After studying theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he went on to pursue a MS in Management, Strategy & Leadership at Michigan State University. Beau is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.

Renata Lee

Renata serves as the Operations Manager of Israel Bible Trips, conducting research and development for new and exciting sites, events, and excursions for travelers to experience. She oversees the planning and execution of the itinerary, and coordinates group trips for churches. Renata is the main go-to for any questions travelers may have leading up to and during the trip.

Renata graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BA in International Studies with a special concentration in Cultures in the Middle East. More recently, Renata studied at Dallas Theological Seminary doing graduate work in theological studies. Renata is an avid traveler, having spent time exploring and backpacking the Carribbean, South Pacific islands, the Middle East, UK, and Europe.

Beau & Renata are new parents to their daughter, Ahava (Hebrew for love). You can read more about Pastor Beau & Renata here.