How do I sign-up?

It's easy. Fill out the Traveler Information Form, and we'll reach out to you within one business day with a welcome email and payment plan designed just for you. 

Do you have a promo video?

Yes! Here's the latest video from our most recent trip. Enjoy!

WHAT'S INCLUDED in the price?

The total cost is $3,288.  This includes a round-trip flight to Israel from NYC, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner, transportation around Israel in an air conditioned coach bus, access to the amazing sites, Israel Bible Trips Study Guide & Journal, and two guides: Bible teacher, Pastor Beau Lee, will engage the group on-site with masterful Bible teaching, and an expert licensed Israeli tour guide will provide expert historical and contemporary commentary on all things Israel! These guides are Jewish believers in Jesus from Israel College of the Bible, and will provide insight into all that God is doing in the Israeli congregations scattered throughout the Promised Land. Most importantly, you will be given an exciting, detailed biblical description of all that God has done, is doing, and will do in Israel.  For those who enjoy studying the Bible, there is no greater place to be.

What's not included in the price?

Lunch, spending money for souvenirs, health and traveler's insurance, and $84 total in tips for bus driver, guide, & hotel staff as is customary in Israel.

Do I need Traveler's insurance?

It is recommended that you get traveler’s insurance soon after making your first Israel Bible Trips payment. Travelers can secure affordable traveler's insurance at in case you need to cancel your trip at some point in the future. (Depending on age, the range can be anywhere from $100-$300/person).

Do I need medical insurance?

It is recommended that you get traveler’s medical insurance while in Israel. We’ve used for previous trips as it is very affordable (around $20/adult).

How fit do I need to be?

Travelers should be in good health and be able to walk moderate distances, including uphill and some stairs. Participants with limited mobility may not be able to access all of the sites listed on the itinerary. If there are any issues pertaining to your health or physical fitness, we ask that you consult with us prior to registration. In short, if you feel comfortable walking, you are definitely able to enjoy this trip!

Do I need a passport & Visa?

A valid passport for at least six months after returning home is required. If you have an American passport you will get your visa when entering Israel. This applies to some other countries as well. Please let us know if you hold a passport from a country other than the United States, and we will help you determine what visa you need to get from your embassy, if any.

Will I have access to WiFi?

All our hotels will have WiFi, so if you don’t already have the free app, WhatsApp, you can call and text people back home for free over internet.

How will I recharge my devices?

Make sure to bring an international converter and adapter to charge your devices.  Israel uses 220 volts and we use 120 volts and you don’t want your iPhone to be smoking hot when recharging.  You can find decently priced ones on Amazon or a travel store. Here's one we recommend on

Can I use my phone in Israel?

Every hotel will have WiFi so you can use the free internet-based app, What'sApp to make calls, send videos/pictures and send texts, but if you feel more comfortable having access to your phone with data, inquire with your phone provider and see what their rates are in Israel. We’ve found that this temporary upgrade is about the same price and much more reliable than putting a SIM card in your phone, or renting an Israeli phone. We’ve tried both and have had much better experiences with upgrading our plan for Israel and then you have all your usual apps, email, contacts, etc. 

How & Where Do I Exchange Money?

Exchange your money at the major airport hub you depart from as you will get a better exchange rate in the states than in Israel (when they know you need Shekels). Bring as much cash as you feel comfortable with, and don’t worry, you can exchange money at TLV Ben Gurion Airport or during the first half of the trip.

What is the safest way to carry my passport & credit cards?

Watch this video for five safe travel practices to prevent getting pick pocketed. Don’t worry about this too much because Israel is a very safe place. We always encourage you to have your passport, money, cards, and anything super important on you at all times. Make sure your day bag has a secure place for such items. It is always safer to use a credit card than a debit card when traveling abroad as some banks have stricter refund policies on debit cards if your card gets stolen. Either way, make sure to call your credit card company or bank informing them you will be making purchases abroad in Israel so they do not lock your card down.

Do I Need Vaccines?

Please review the CDC’s suggested health information for exact recommendations. Israel is a first world country and so special vaccinations are not needed when traveling there. We are NOT going to be entering Gaza or the West Bank (though we will drive through the West Bank) where you definitely would want vaccinations as these regions are not controlled by Israel.

What & how should I pack? 

  • One Small Suitcase. Each traveler is permitted one small suitcase or duffle bag (dimensions approximately 55x40x23 cm). The bus we will rent to get around will permit each person to have one small suitcase of this size only.

  • Day Bag. Bring a small day bag — a backpack, fanny pack, or purse — that you will use on our daily excursions.

  • Light Clothes. Pack clothes for the temperatures that range between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. We will travel to different regions with various temperatures.

  • Layers. Pack clothes that layer. We will often be gone from our hotels for the whole day and evening and will encounter both warm and cool temperatures, depending on time of day and region.

  • Twice. Try to wear your outfits twice. Instead of packing separate outfits, consider packing 4-6 outfits.

  • Walking Shoes. Bring comfortable shoes as we will spend a lot of time walking. Do not bring new shoes that have not been broken in.

  • Bring Swimwear. You'll definitely want to swim in the Dead Sea. We'll also be going through Hezekiah's Tunnel where we'll trudge through water up to the knees. We might also take a dip in the Mediterranean. Wear modest swimwear, and no bikinis please. Ladies, adding a sarong, t-shirt, surf shorts, or modest swimsuit dress to your swimsuit is a great idea.

  • Getting Dirty. Pack outfits that can get dirty. Note: you will want to wash thoroughly anything you swim in the Dead Sea with. Whatever you wear after the Dead Sea swim will be oily (due to the salt), and you may not want to wear this outfit again.

  • Modesty. Pick outfits that are mindful of the religious surroundings. When we travel to some of the more religious Jewish or Muslim sections, exposure of shoulders, arms, legs, or chest will draw unwanted attention, and you may feel uncomfortable if not covered properly. Consider longer flowy skirts past the knee, capris, t-shirts, light scarf to wrap around the shoulders, etc. for when we walk through the Old City, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall, Mt. of Olives, and Nazareth. No short shorts or cleavage-showing shirts please.

What Biblical Preparation Should I Do?

Get the most out of this trip by preparing your mind and heart for the biblical sites we'll be visiting. We've compiled the following resources to help direct your studies leading up to this amazing trip:

  • Know Israel’s Exiles & Re-establishments

    • Deuteronomy 27-30

    • Assyrian Exile

    • Babylonian Exile

    • Roman Exile

    • 1948: The Year Israel Became a Nation

  • Contemporary Geopolitical Situation

    • Settlements

    • Borders

    • Walls

    • Golan Heights

  • The Temples

    • 1st Temple

    • 2nd Temple

    • Dome on the Rock (Temple Mount)

    • 3rd Temple (the future Temple as described in Ezekiel chapters 40-47)

  • Suggested Movies Prior to Visiting Israel

    • In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem (2017) for purchase on Amazon Video

    • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) for purchase on Amazon Video

    • Exodus (1960) (w/ Paul Newman) free on YouTube

    • The 50 Years War: Israel & the Arabs (1999) free on YouTube

    • Six Days in June: Israel’s 1967 Victory (2007) free on YouTube

  • Study Topics

    • The Wailing Wall

    • Temple Institute

    • Dead Sea Scrolls

    • 1948 Israel Declaration of Independence

    • Israeli Settlements

    • Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD (Flavius Josephus) 

If you do not see your question on this FAQs page, please email us your question at